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Cubism attempt 1


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Arranged Letters

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Salad Pack


I scanned in 6 salad leaves today,  exciting stuff huh! :D  I thought they may be good as can download them from here...

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Flying Castle


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Rabbit Charmer


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part nude water colour


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The Toyminator - By Robert Rankin

Beware - Here be spoilers

toylg The sequel to the critically acclaimed (and award winning) "Chocolate Hollow Bunnies of the Apocalypse", was a bloody good book.  It took a little while for me to get into it - but with the prospect of spending 4 days at the inlaws with no computer I decided to get stuck in and not let little things like paper, pencils, camera or wild sex get in the way. 

The Story takes off where the last book ended - Eddie (the teddy bear) had just lost his position as mayor and Jack had lost his principality - after Eddie had made a law dissolving all royal titles.  The story unfolds when the pair find them selves 1.  investigating the death of a number of clock work toys.  2.  Arrested for the theft of cigars and 3.  Employed by the chief of Toy City police to find out who was killing the toys(or face being arrested for the crimes).

Their investigation leads them to the old Toy Town and the cryptic "Hollywood style" sign - "To To La"  which Eddie explains used to Say ToyTownLand.    The Pair then get kidnapped by Aliens, rectal probed and eventually end up going through the Second Big O in "To To La". 

Jack ends up having sex with a dolly(this is toytown after all - but it did get me thinking about friction burns),a human (well sort of) and a pocket calculator called Wallah.  Not to mention his sudden empathic link to Eddie bear (That's Mister Bear to you), Chickens from other dimensions and many different religions and self help guides.    

The story gets more interesting there on in and is full of Rankin's style of toot and great story telling.  Continuity is never a strong point in his stories - but i feel this is a good thing.  he's not set to a strict set of rules and he allows his love of films (especially predator and terminator) to be dragged kicking and screaming into the story.
I adore his on going jokes and sayings such as - "A tradition, or an old charter, or something"

In my humble opinion this is one of his best books - definitely worth a read - but do be aware you should probably read the Chocolate Hollow bunnies of the apocalypse first. 


5 Word Book review - The Toyminator

Funny, Toys, Guns, Chickens, Probing

the rhyme minister

the rhyme minister

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Barry Headwound

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Sonic James Doom

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