Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Line Art

Vector art is very cool and also very easy – you just have to learn to play with the pen tool – this week will start a project – we will begin by drawing in lines using the pen tool….

Step 1

First grab a photo, I’m using double click the icon in the layer palette to unlock it, rename it source. Under the Source Layer make a new Layer – called white - and fill it with white.


Step 2

Firstly make a new Layer above the Source Layer – name it Lines. Now choose the pen tool and move up to the options bar, choose the paths icon.



Step 3

Using the pen tool start tracing over the lines and contours of the model, to make a new line just press Control and Click – this will end the current line. Build up the lines until you’ve got a few done. As in the picture


Step 4

After you have done a few – turn off the source Layer by pressing the eye icon in the Layer Palette; then move to the Lines Layer. Choose a small 3 pixel hard edge brush – you can change the size if you wish. Press D on the keyboard to reset the colours to default with black as the foreground colour.


Step 5

Next we want to stroke the lines, so we re-select the pen tool and hold Control and click somewhere on the document to make sure that no paths are selected. Right click with the mouse and choose stroke from the menu – if “stroke sub-path” is available – then a path must still be selected - choose Brush from the drop down list and click OK.

step5 step5b

Step 6

Now a series of lines where your paths where will be drawn in. Right click and select Delete Path to remove the stroked paths leaving only the lines.


Step 7

Repeat this process until you have drawn in lines all over the body.

Finally we will have something like this….


Download the lineart file from

Next week we will look into filling it out with colour

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Monday, 28 September 2009



Acrylics on canvas – still a work in progress…!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

More Moo Cow

I was asked tonight if i would sell this painting and the hippo one i made for my sister – sadly they were already spoken for :( i will have to look and see if i can get any more canvases :D

2009_092700222009_092700242009_09270026 2009_09270028 2009_09270029

Saturday, 26 September 2009

50 Word Stories

1. Sweat run down his back, soaking his shirt. His tie was loosened and first button released. Seventeen minutes it had taken him, seventeen minutes of running and for what. He reached into his trouser pocket and removed the small metal key; apprehensively he penetrated the lock.

2. Sixteen candles lit up the surface of the cake, illuminating the pink icing. An old piece of paper with message of love and encouragement lay near by. A tear run down her cheek, 16 years since she’s left – it still hurt to think of her. “Happy birthday mum” she whispered.

3. Fifteen of them stood before him. His tattered shirt flapped in the breeze as he walked toward to the dark leader looking him up and down, the teeth were far too large and numerous he concluded. “This will be an interesting battle” the vampire hunter murmured drawing his weapon.

4. I had to know why she had taken the fourteen pounds out of my purse; it wasn’t like I didn’t give her enough money. Was it for drink, drugs or possibly black mail? I had to confront her, with my heart in my throat I asked – for your birthday present – she replied.

5. I took a deep breath and carried on climbing the stairs, thirteen floors so far. Looking behind me – my three other companions were all red in the face and looked tired. I adjusted the pack on my back listening to it gently hum. “Why can’t we take the lift Egon?” I asked

Friday, 25 September 2009

Stroked Art Photoshop tutorial

Stroked Art

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to create a "stroked" picture from a photo, for this you will need to know how to use the magic wand, stroke & pen tool/lasso tool. We start of by finding a large picture with interesting lines, i used a picture from


1. first you will need to cut your subject out from the photo using the pen or lasso tool. copy and paste her onto a new layer (layer 2) and lower the opacity of layer 1 to around 50%


2. Control and click Layer 2 - this selects the girl/subject.


Press the new layer icon at the bottom of the layers pallet


Go to Edit --> Fill --> white to make a white filled copy of the girl


Then drag layer 3 bellow Layer 2


3. Now the fun bit begins, first press D on they keyboard to set the default colours. then select the magic wand tool, use the following settings for the magic wand.


4. Press control + D to make sure nothing is selected. select Layer 2, click on the subject in a random place with the magic wand tool


press the new layer icon on the layers pallet - make sure the new layer is selected and the stroke the selection by going to Edit --> stroke use these settings


repeat step 4 until you build up a number of strokes- increase or decrease the magic wand tolerance to change how the selections look

do this until the picture look something like this


5. you can then hide layer 2 and change the colour of layer 3 (the white girl)

control + click layer 3 to select the white girl

choose the gradient tool and pic an interesting gradient


then Fill the girl with the gradient


6. Finally make a new layer below Layer 3 and make an interesting Background


this works on some pictures better than others, I used this technique to make this


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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Tutorial Writing

Not much to report today – spent the day writing a tutorial for Photoshop Creative – 13 steps went very fast – now just proof reading it :D  Still no money from various sources – i have to ask myself – why do i bother.  I guess my time is pretty much worthless…!

Received a thank you card from my sister – she liked the pressies and photo’s – which is nice.  i thought about offering people photo retouching – but not sure how i’d go about advertising it.  something i will have to think about – maybe draw up a business plan.  talking of plans – must carry on with my book proposal – seem to have ground to a halt with that. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2009



Printed Line art on canvas – acrylics painted by me! :D

Monday, 21 September 2009

Egg face

egg copy

Today i’ve been working on a tutorial for Photoshop creative magazine – I created the picture above for it – but it was rejected. poor fellow :D

Friday, 18 September 2009

an Arc for the hub

A friend of mine asked me to make a logo for his web design business named the hub – this is what we come up with :D it reminds me of the windows logo for some reason.

ark on white ark on black arc2

Wednesday, 16 September 2009