Thursday, 17 January 2008

ninja nathan

ninja nathan - day2of365
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okay - so I got this e-mail from flickr today - apparently my account has been set to unsafe :( which is odd - I've displayed he same type of pictures on my account since i first created it. Recently i've done a couple of nude photo's but nothing "Pornographic"...

anyway the e-mail said that i need to filter my content - but to be honest i'm not sure what i should filter. Granted the nude paintings are obviously nudes so i guess i should filter them - but should i also filter my horror pictures. its never been a problem before.

What gets me too is that i was also informed that - "You should also
know that if we receive another report about your content or conduct, it's very likely we'll terminate your account." As I've never been asked / told to filter my content before - so this is a very harsh notice.

I'm a little annoyed - as you might have guessed....!

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