Saturday, 2 February 2008


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Woo - since i last wrote - i've been paid and have ordered my new camera :D yay - the camera should be here on Tuesday. I'm really looking forward to getting it - really hope i can take some nice photo's with it :D I ordered a Fuji s5700 ( which looks really nice to me :D

My cheque will be cleared on Thursday - which is cool, i've got to get a fast battery charger as mine takes 10 hours to finish. The 1 hour ones are very cool. I'm also thinking about buying something from LoveHoney ;) have to think about it.

Been painting a lot this week - i've got to have a look at it soon. The funny thing is - if i do manips i think i should be painting - but ifi do painting, i feel i should be doing manips. Grrrr.

I also found this cool blog - Struggling to paint

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