Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Using Livebrush with Photoshop

There is a brilliant program called Livebrush Lite (http://www.livebrush.com/GetLivebrush.aspx) that can be used to draw out very cool little patterns easily with the your mouse just by simple mouse movements.

1. So firstly go to http://www.livebrush.com/GetLivebrush.aspx and download and install the free version of the program. (buy the full version for $10 if you want too)


2. On the right hand side of the Livebrush program you will see the Styles box, scroll down until you find the “Floral Basic” style.


3. Experiment with the brush a bit and draw around on the screen (pretty cool huh!) try and draw out a pattern like the one bellow.


4. When you are happy with the pattern firstly select the layers you want by highlighting them in the Layer’s Dialogue then go to file > export > export layer(s) to image and type a name you will remember.


5. Next go to sxc.hu and download the picture 1210007 and bring it into Photoshop. Next find your floral pattern we just made and load that into Photoshop.


6. Copy the floral design onto the image of the girl and place on the left hand side of the screen. Name this Layer Floral. Duplicate and flip it so it looks like the picture below.


7. Merge the two floral layers together (control & E) and then select them by holding control and clicking the icon in the layer palette.


8. Choose the gradient tool and set the type to radial gradient, from the centre of the image pull out the gradient filling in the floral pattern with the colours in your foreground and background swatches.


Very simple and effective.

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