Monday, 21 December 2009

Snow Text tutorial

As it’s almost Christmas I’m going to show you how to make a quick and easy snow text effect using the ellipse tool.

Step 1

Make a new Photoshop document – I’m using 1024x768 but please feel free to use what ever you want. Set the back ground to black.

amazing screenshot huh!

Step 2

Choose the Text Tool and set the font to Arial Black size around 100 and type “Snow”, I then highlighted the “now” bit and lowered the size to 72. For the colour I used a light grey #dddddd.


Step 3

Choose the rectangle tool and draw out a rectangle the slightly covers the bottom of the text. Set the colour to White #ffffff.


Step 4

Choose the ellipse tool and while holding shift draw out a lot of circles at the bottom of the text like in the picture.


Step 5

Do the same at the top of the text


Step 6

First set your foreground colour to # 0076a3 then make a new Gradient Layer – Layer > New Fill Layer > Gradient above the background layer. Set the gradient type to foreground to transparent, angle 90 degrees. As in the picture


This should give us this


Hope everyone has a great Christmas

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