Saturday, 20 February 2010

Photo snaps

2010_02190003 copy
My Flats – well the flats where i live – i don't own them :D
2010_02190008 copy 
Milton campus – or what was Milton campus – its now a load of houses
2010_02190014 copy  2010_02190015 copy
Scary to see the whole Milton part of the University of Portsmouth is totally gone – i didnt spend a great deal of time here because i was situated in town – but i did live down the road for quite a while. campus
i used to live on the university campus at Locksway Road..
A – Locksway road
B – Milton Campus – sadly i was situated in town
The annoying thing was they had a minibus to take people from Halls to Campus / town Campus – people used to climb in at the Halls and get of in Milton – a 5 min walk.  Most of the time i couldn't get on the bus so i had to walk / pay for the bus.  They now have a fleet of busses moving students to and fro. 
Later i lived in Prince Albert Road, Milton – but we had to move when the land lord wanted the house back – grrr!  still the house had mice and slugs – it was also very very very cold.
princealbert road

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