Sunday, 26 December 2010

Things to do next year…!

Well its almost the end of another year – and i’ve been thinking that next year i would like to “artistically” push myself, i’m hoping to do a 365 day project that would involve blogging every day either a picture (drawing, painting, digital work, Photo manipulation) or write some sort of nonsense :)  The last few months i’ve not blogged much this is mainly because i’ve been busy doing other paid work and although i really hope this continues next year i plan to make sure i do this every day too :)

Okay granted – some days i will be away from the computer and not have access so this will mean i will have to either go back and blog into the past or post a few things on one days to make up for it! :D  i’ll probably mark each entry for the 365 thing as #365days which if you are on twitter will know is a hash tag :D

but all in all i just wanted to say thanks for reading my crap and looking at my art :D  please feel free to contact me or leave messages on my blog – its always nice to hear from people :D 

Hope you all have a happy new year (2011) :)


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