Thursday, 20 January 2011

Room by Emma Donoghue


I was given Room by Emma Donoghue for my birthday (from my brilliant other half)and i have to say that i loved the book.    Its all about a small boy called Jack and his Mum who live in a single little room.  to Jack this room is the entire universe and he has no idea of life outside.  He watched TV when his mum lets him and thinks that nothing is real except for him, his mum and old Nick (the bad guy – booooooo!).  His mum (Ma!) finds ways of entertaining Jack each and every day, by telling him stories, napping, doing exercises and having sparse amounts of food.  To Jack all the things in Room are his friends, Dora the Explorer for example is his friend who speaks in a made up language called Spanish. 

Its a heart warming story and really made me smile. I read this book within 10 days, so that proves it was hard to put down :)


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