Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Too much to do, so little motivation

Some days i feel i just have too many things i want to do, so much so i end up doing nothing. Yesterday i spent all day working on a painting which was fantastic and something that i really enjoy ( but today I've achieved nothing, i was going to do some painting this morning, but i got side tracked.  so later on i thought I'd work on my novel but couldn't even find the motivation to do any of it.  I’m also working on a Photoshop tutorial book, I've had a published friend read through my proposal and he’s given me some changes i should make.  I’m also trying to motivate myself into doing some Photoshop work. 

I’ve been trying to find other clients to do freelance work for, i don't know how other people do it but all the people i have written to so far haven't even bothered to contact me to say thanks but no thanks :( 

Also the new easel i brought from ebay isn’t as good as i hoped it would be- any pressure on it at all and the whole thing just tips back on its self, which is no good. i love my table easel this was to use when i don’t have access to a table :(

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