Thursday, 1 September 2011

Slow go on the blog bro...

Its been a funny few weeks, summer holidays (end of July to the beginning of September) are always tough, having the kids home for six weeks is hard enough - but mix that in with my daughter who has some sort of mental problem that we're still trying to get diagnosed and neighbous complaining about the noise (screaming, shouting etc) add to that a child who constantly wants to be outside (when we live on the 3rd floor of a block of flats) and one who will also never lift a finger to help out and you've got a small slice of a day in the life of me ;)  (this is all the same child i should add) My work has suffered, i've not had time to do much of anything, painting, writting, computer art - but hopefully as of next tuesday when the kids go back i shall have a bit more time and be able to get back into it :) 

in the mean time, please feel free to look at my latest tutorial on tip squirrel ( 


oh and also have a look at my blog at ( for a recent update :D 

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