Sunday, 26 January 2014

Ex-Purgatory : Peter Clines

**Slight Spoilers**

The 4th book in the Ex-Heroes series, I really enjoyed this book - a lot less zombie / superhero / post apocalypse world action than the last 3 books but still really enjoyable.  

I was pleased there was no use of the main go to super-villain  "Legion" in this book but I was saddened by the loss of one of the heroes. Hopefully this will be a temporary thing.

Clever usage of well known characters in a different setting and  loved that Gorgon was back in the book (although only a tiny bit) Banzai's cameo made me realise who Nick actually was.

If you haven't read the other 3 books then do so - you wont regret it :D

10 / 10

p.s. I noticed this spelling mistake on the About the Author page - made me chuckle :D

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