Sunday, 2 September 2007

happy Emo

happy Emo
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So - today is a new day.

Yesterday i spent most of the day rebuilding the computers OS and program files. luckily i had already backed up my important files. It's nice having a bit of clear out, makes everything run nicely again and a bit quicker too. granted i lost all my personalised settings in Photoshop - but with a bit of luck i can get them back again.

Now i'm a bit of a loss what to do in this Blog, I've had one or two before that have been a bit of fun - but i'd like to carry this one on and add stuff daily. I think this will be party diary, part rant, part Photoshop tutorial thing.

I've been playing with the idea of writing a book for a while now - i've had lots of work published and have been interviewed by a few people/websites - which was fun :D

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