Thursday, 6 September 2007

king of bedside manor

king of bedside manor
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Book News - On Tuesday i got an E-mail from Tim Pilcher from Ilex Publishing...


Dear Simon,

Please allow me to introduce myself I am the commissioning editor for Ilex Press. I know you contributed to our title Surreal Digital Photography 2 and the reason I am writing is that we are currently putting together our new list of titles and we are planning to publish a book provisionally entitled, Surreal Photography: A Fresh Perspective. I was hoping you'd be interested in writing and contributing to this book for us. Obviously, I am aware of your work and with your extensive experience and artists and photo manipulator contacts we felt you'd be perfect for the book.

Essentially, the book would be a showcase of creators working today in this field. Each image would have some commentary by the artists about the subject matter or how/why they created it. The book would focus on photo manipulated images rather than entire pics just painted in Photoshop, as that would be too similar to another book we are doing. We would promote the artists' website and put their contact details in the back as well as giving a copy of the book to every contributor. To give you an idea of what we are currently working on I have attached a PDF of Comic Art Now, a similar showcase book. In this line we have also done one on Fantasy Art, Erotic Fantasy Art and a forthcoming one on Gothic Art (which you might want to contribute to).

At the moment I am putting together proposal blad that will be shown to our prospective publishing partners. If you are interested I would be grateful if you could reply as quickly as possible as I need to put some information together in the next few weeks. What we would need from you would be a some text and images so we can design a presentation document (a "blad"). At this stage we don't know whether the book will actually happen, but if you are able to help us now then you'd be the first choice author on the actual publication and we are prepared to pay you for the work on the blad now. I can send you a brief Concept Document and Table of Contents, to give you an idea of the book, but this is in no means written in stone.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, it'd be appreciated as we need to move very quickly on this and if you could get back to me with a provisional yes or no by Thursday 6 September, it would be greatly appreciated. I saw that you were looking to write a book of tutorials, but hopefully I'd be able to tempt you with this offer! If you are unable to work on the blad I would be extremely grateful if there was someone else who you would recommend, who maybe able to write the book.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Best wishes,



So pretty cool stuff!! :o)

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