Thursday, 25 October 2007

back drawing

back drawing
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Its all block Simon the moment on DeviantArt :( i just found out that i've been blocked from commenting on pictures by a stock artist called Rachastock apparently a couple of years ago i made a comment about her work on b3ta. The conversation can be found Here. I don't really think i was particularly rude - but please feel free to read it yourself. The other person mentions w*nking but not me. I think the rudest part of my conversation was my quote from the matrix about being a "digital pimp" and saying wash your hands after going to the toilet. i guess these can be rude if taken out of context.

but as they say - life goes on. I can do no more than apologies for a comment i made over 2 years ago, and i certainly can't help what other people say in response.

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