Friday, 26 October 2007

small parts

small parts
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Half term is almost over - just a few days till next Tuesday and the kids go back to school. I have to say so far this half term has been very hard. Darcie has gone through some sort of screaming fit every few hours. I'm sure its just a new way of trying to wind Claire up - but as always she succeeds.

I of course always have to smooth over the bumps and try and sort out the rows, God knows I'm no angel. i loose my temper and get annoyed.

I think half term / school holidays are a cruel and unusual punishment! Rapists, Murderers and those who don't pay their council tax get it easier :o)

I've been spending my time recently trying to learn to draw - its fun - but as always...i have to do it in between bouts of Harvey throwing things and Darcie having another patent pending screaming fit...!

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