Thursday, 11 October 2007

lemon face

lemon face
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shopping, Shopping, SHOPPING! is there anything better! Well maybe the love of a good woman (or man), a nice cold drink, plenty of money in the bank or the knowledge that you can get the best rare steak in town within a five minute walk from your home...!

in other news - i've been playing with my new water colour pencils over the last few days - they are pretty cool - although the colours are limited. i may have to dig out my old water colours and have a proper play.

i also found a blog today called sixty minute artist- its a great resource for painters, he also does some lovely work :D

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sixtyminuteartist said...

Actually, I am the "sixtyminuteartist" rather than the "sixtyminutepainter". Thanks for mentioning my blog--Jerry (