Sunday, 16 March 2008

Not a problem...If your creative


Lets face it - The writer's of Lost are bloody brilliant.  this weeks episode really shocked me - I wont give too much away - but it was a great episode with lost's of twists and turns.  Not to mention a special guest star ;)  A very good episode! 

This week - I've been painting quite a lot,  I've also been trying to paint some darker / monster pictures.  it's a lot different to manipulating horror pics - but still pretty cool.

the pics I've done so far are....

triteeth, clown(the pic up there) and Gollum

I've also been having urges to paint with my real paints - I must get my canvasses out and do some sketching.  You can blame this program I watched a few days ago where loads of people were painting in London.  This one bloke wanted to sell his painting for £5000, while a girl wanted to sell her's for £900.  they were good - but the ones that were brought were better and sold for just a few quid each. 

I'd like to do some real painting that I could sell. I know I have 1 picture on a wall somewhere and a few of my pics are on T-shirts (not that I ever got paid for the shirts)

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