Tuesday, 4 March 2008

To teach or not to teach

brown hair nudeA few days ago I was reading a thread on B3ta.com about teacher training.  Its something I thought about before - a few years ago - but with moving and everything it seemed to just be pushed to one side.

I read that you now get £9,000 to learn to teach and a £2,500 golden hello when you start to work, plus you can get a £1,500 grant.  it is very tempting - my only problems would be what to teach and it'd mean leaving Claire at home to look after Harvey when I'm not around.  I know Claire could cope - but I don't feel its very fair of me to do this. Harvey could go to Nursery for a couple of mornings a week and from January he gets 5 free sessions a week anyway. 

It's tough, as for the course I'd love to do Art or Design and Technology,  but as my degree is in Computing I'm guessing it'd have to be ITC. Which wouldn't be a terrible thing - but my passion is art.  Plus I'd have to get on a course,  i'm not sure how to apply or where I should go... Yes life is complicated...

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