Saturday, 8 March 2008



Today has been very odd - Why?  Well Claire went (under instruction) to Chichester with her mum - she also took Harvey and Darcie with her.  Its been pretty quiet and strange - I watched Lost and had some dinner (which is a rare thing for me).  I also tried to do some painting - I'll return to that in a bit - but first I thought I'd update my blog. 

I've been thinking about this teacher training thing a lot over the past few days - its obviously a big thing and probably would change the rest of my life.  Of course having more money would be a God send.  I hate being so broke all the time.  But I really would like to try and sell some pictures and live the artists lifestyle.  I saw some lovely places on TV last night in Italy - really an artists paradise.  But having no money puts a stop to that idea. 

As for painting  - I sometimes sit down and start to paint - and it looks good - i like this pic for example - but other pics just don't seem to work for me.  I tried to paint Darcie this morning and it just looks nothing like her.  Maybe I should try it as a cubism :D  Also the brush strokes seem to soft....


5 Word TV Review - Lost Series 4 Episode 6 (The other woman)

Gas, Others, Murderer, Sex, Ben

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