Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Egg cup

egg cup
Acrylics on canvas board

Yesterday I brought some new acrylic paints, a flesh tone, Raw Sienna and Coeruleum. They were more expensive than my first lot of paints - £3.69 each rather than 12 for £2 :o)  I used them for the first time today and found they are nicer to use than the first lot- they flow much faster and go a lot further.  Unfortunately I squeezed slightly too hard on the flesh tones and ended up with a lot more than I needed.  But you live and learn. 

Anyway I thought i'd try a study of an egg in an egg cup - I'm fairly pleased with it. The egg is mainly flesh tones with a mix of raw sienna and white, the cup is mostly white with a little of flesh on the light side and a bit of raw sienna on the dark side.  The blue lines is (surprisingly) Coeruleum.  I painted under the egg cup with raw sienna - I told you I was trying them out :D.  the background is the rest of the white and a touch of Coeruleum. 

I know its no master piece - but  think it's not to bad.

I also used my Wilkinson's paints - well titanium white - for the first time today.  they seem quite good. One thing I noticed was that the water didn't become coloured when I washed my brushes at all, it only changed when I washed of the white paint (which wasnt one of the expensive paints)

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