Sunday, 20 April 2008

Life painting - well sort of...

life painting

A couple of days ago I was watching a program about this woman who was victimising all the members of a shared house, she called the police all the time accusing the members of the house of trying to kill her, being peeping toms/perverts etc.  it was very odd and left me feeling quite cross. 
Anyway - one of the victims was a life model and it got me thinking about painting from life. It's something I'd love to try, although I'm not sure where I could do it around here.  Anyway I had a go at painting from a Photo I found on DeviantArt, I'm quite pleased with it.  Although it was done digitally - so I'm going to have to try it on canvas soon.

I also had an idea about a cool thing for the wall, I've got 4 small canvases. I'm thinking about painting each one a different solid colour with a circle in another colour painted some where on it.  I'd have to get a stencil and some masking tapes so the circle would be perfect.

""Hot and sweaty through the night,
Bodies entangled in heat and cloth,
Bed's are made for one or two not three,
Cramped limbs ache and strain,
Pushed against a wall or falling of the bed just isn't fun,
Flesh prickles and burns with pins and needles,
The night creeps past until dawn is near,
Screams and cries pull you from a dreamless sleep,
Morning time brings the revelation,
co-sleeping children climb in without an invitation.""

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