Friday, 18 April 2008


"Step up" - "Step up" and see him hang,
Not from bar held by his hands,
But a noose around the rich mans neck,
Swinging there till he's dead, dead, dead,
There's no escape from the hangman's noose,
well except for plenty of swearing and abuse,
here he will be hung up to dry,
and not even his creditors will cry,
Life's not so bad when your rich, rich, rich,
but being, broke is a bitch.

The gallows await,
the noose is there,
the rich man touches his royal hair,
a blindfold is offered but of course refused,
the noose is lowered and he feels confused,
how did he get to a state like this,
one too many bets and a drunken french kiss,
a bribe of gold is offered quickly,
The hangman smile is rather sickly,
don't worry he tells the dead man walking,
I'll take it when the crowd is talking,
you see you'll have no need for it then,
But my money won't be spent in a gambling den.

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