Thursday, 6 August 2009

A bit of artwork…!

Recently I’ve been taking a lot of photo’s – this is all good fun as i want to improve my photo taking technique and ability – although i seem to end up taking the same photos of the same thing time after time after time, which really isn't that interesting. I have though started using the Program Mode – which is interesting – but i still don't fully understand it – i need to get a book.

I recently uploaded some new photos to my Deviant Art account - please check them out :)

a couple of sketches


Quick sketch of my son playing on the floor, aprox time 5 mins with a mechanical pencil.


a stone and a leaf, took about 10 mins with a mechanical pencil.


fheathermoore said...

Nice drawings. The one of your son is cute :D

Simon Rudd said...

hahah he can be! :D he's also evil :D

fheathermoore said...

Hahaha, yeah they can be devils. Thank god I don't have to do that, unless Megan comes home and tells me she's up the duff, which I seriously doubt - she hates children!

Simon Rudd said...

They really can be - i'm looking forward to harvey going to full time school - but still a year away!

i think i'd go mad if/when Darcie tells me she's having a baby! then again as long as i dont have to look after it - i guess it wouldnt be a problem! good thing she is still only 7 :D

fheathermoore said...

Oh yes, all the fun stuff to come! Hehe.

Simon Rudd said...

hahaha because everything so far has been so easy ;)

fheathermoore said...

A walk in the park mate!

Simon Rudd said...

pffft you should see how grey i am :D