Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sex on fire – rewrite!

I rewrote some lyrics…Sung to the theme of sex on fire by Kings of Leon…

Stay where your Staying,
pain all around,
I know i'm peeing,
i'm peeing.

All the medicaiton,
The doctors like to give,
has me crying,

my cock is on fire...

Sat in an office,
The doctor's today,
My head is spinning,
im spinning,

The door is open,
bladder will fail,
feels like your frying,
you're frying,

and i'm
yes i'm on fire,
with foolish desire,

Hold that cleaver,
battling moans,
i can't take it,
take it.

i wish i were clever,
i wish not to fight,
this is just the latest,
the latest,
the latest.

And my,
my cock is on fire.

My cock is on fire,
what have i aquired.

And my
cock is on fire,
what have i aquired.


fheathermoore said...

Hahaha. That's hilarious! Lol.

Simon Rudd said...

:D glad you liked it! :D