Friday, 11 September 2009

Easy Button

Easy Button

When i say Easy - i really mean it - easy easy easy easy! :D buttons are cool an can be very effectively used on websites. so lets begin.

Step 1

New 1024x768 72ppi document - the normal stuff - set forground colour to blue (#00bff3) Grab the elipse tool and whole holding Shift draw out a perfect circle

step 2

Select the burn tool, setting range to midtones and exposure to 10%. go over the bottom half of the picture. Then use dodge with the same settings to do the top half of the circle eg...

Finally burn the centre a bit in a circle motion.

Step 3

select White (#ffffff) as your foreground colour and draw another circle over the top left hand side of the circle. press Control and G to clip this layer to the blue circle layer.

Step 4

on the white circle layer click the add layer mask button - within the layer palette. Now use a black to white linear gradient on the layer mask to remove some of the white.

Step 5

Select the Text Tool and choose an interesting font, set the colour to black and type something eg home.

Step 6

Lower the fill opacity to 70% and change the blending mode to overlay.

Step 7

Finally lower the fill opacity of the circle to 70%

you can download the psd file from

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