Saturday, 26 September 2009

50 Word Stories

1. Sweat run down his back, soaking his shirt. His tie was loosened and first button released. Seventeen minutes it had taken him, seventeen minutes of running and for what. He reached into his trouser pocket and removed the small metal key; apprehensively he penetrated the lock.

2. Sixteen candles lit up the surface of the cake, illuminating the pink icing. An old piece of paper with message of love and encouragement lay near by. A tear run down her cheek, 16 years since she’s left – it still hurt to think of her. “Happy birthday mum” she whispered.

3. Fifteen of them stood before him. His tattered shirt flapped in the breeze as he walked toward to the dark leader looking him up and down, the teeth were far too large and numerous he concluded. “This will be an interesting battle” the vampire hunter murmured drawing his weapon.

4. I had to know why she had taken the fourteen pounds out of my purse; it wasn’t like I didn’t give her enough money. Was it for drink, drugs or possibly black mail? I had to confront her, with my heart in my throat I asked – for your birthday present – she replied.

5. I took a deep breath and carried on climbing the stairs, thirteen floors so far. Looking behind me – my three other companions were all red in the face and looked tired. I adjusted the pack on my back listening to it gently hum. “Why can’t we take the lift Egon?” I asked

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