Saturday, 12 September 2009

Rip off Britain…

Today we went to the beach for a couple of hours – just to blow the cobwebs away and stretch our legs. I took my camera along and took a few snaps – nothing very exciting.

2009_09120018 2009_09120026 2009_09120001 2009_09120014

What really annoyed me was that we went to this chip shop (to get some chips surprisingly), this take away a few years ago offered cheese covered chips – when i asked for some i was greeted with bemused looks and odd comments. when I told them to forget it – the woman (who i guess owns it) started shouting at me as i walked off (reeling the “cheese” products the did sell!)

Anyway back to today – i order 3 cones of chips – each at £1.20 – expensive – but you expect it down there. Firsly she charged me £3.80 – which any school boy will tell you is 20p more than what it should be – then she short changed me by 10p. so from my order is made an extra 30p – okay not the end of the world – but as i stood there waiting for my chips (more than likely some version of Asda smart price ones at 50p per ton) at least 10 other people ordered food – so within 10 minutes she had on average 1.1 customers per minute – if she overcharged each one by 30p (possibly it was 10p in every pound surcharge ;) )

so if they are open for 8 hours a day – its probably more – and they serve 1.1 customers a minute and over charge each and everyone by 30p per order that means they will make £158.40 profit every day just by short changing/over charging their customers. ((8 x 60 ) x 1.1 x 0.3) – i may have got this wrong as maths was never my strongest subject.

so correct me if i’m wrong – but if they start to serve customers from the beginning of May till the end of September that would be around 150 days x £158.40 extra profit per day – they would bring in £23,760 extra profit per season just by short changing each customer! I think i want my money back!

I’m in the wrong business!


Heather said...

£1.20 is cheap for a cone of chips! It costs more than that up here, but then everything is ridiculously overpriced in Aberdeen, and I mean everything, because of the oil industry. They seem to think that everyone works offshore and can afford it. Wrong, wrong and wrong.

Simon Rudd said...

rip of Scotland :D