Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I feel rough today

2009_07140001 I’m not sure why but i woke up at 2am feeling like the floor of a taxi. I feel a bit sick and sticky. It is probably due to the shopping trip we had yesterday – maybe a bit to hot, lack of fluid, seeing a man drink milkshake he found in a bin (now that was a highlight!). But on the plus side i picked up some charcoal (3 sticks), a new drawing pad and some soft pastels. We also found a few things for the kids to play with over the summer holidays.

I also found a lone ping pong ball in pound land and liberated it (and drew a face on it), i plan on going back there on Thursday and buying some more. I noticed they also have CD writing pens – so i will buy some of those too. I know it’ll probably only kill 5 minutes – but letting the kids decorate them maybe fun.

I didn't have time to watch one of the "Today’s Nude", will see if i can tomorrow :) i really don't think its a hard concept to understand – but i did get a question from someone who though that you just spend 30 minutes looking at a photo on the TV. now i could do that on the net :D


fheathermoore said...

You got charcoal, pastels and drawing pad from Poundland? Bonus! I may have to take a trip in and see if I can get some!

Had to laugh at someone asking if you spent 30 mins looking at a photo on the telly!

Ping pong ball looks happy :D

Simon Rudd said...

sadly no the charcoal and paper were from WH smiths, the pastels from Tesco's :( still the charcoal only cost £1.50 :D

fheathermoore said...

Still cheap though! I'll need to check Teccies then :D