Friday, 24 July 2009

Library card – REACTVATED!!!

the-da-da-de-da-da-code A bout 4 years ago we had to move, not by choice but because the land lord wanted his house back, we packed everything into boxes and moved from a big 3 bed house to a small 2 bed flat – oh joy! A lot of things were lost / put away / stored including some library books.  We recently started to talk about having the library cards up and running again – so with a quick e-mail to Portsmouth library we were able to find out what books we had to return and the fine due :)  Luckily for us – they had gone over to a new system – yay – and we didn't have any fines to pay – we had to locate the books and return them (or buy new ones)  but luckily that didn't turn out to be a problem, as luck would have it – they were still actually sitting on the book shelves. 

Today we took the books back and for the first time in ages were able to get some books.  I wanted a book on photography and anatomy for artists – but couldn't find either.  did manage to hire The da-da-de-da-da code by Robert Rankin – yay! 

We also took Darcie to specsavers and had her eyes checked, she now needs them for close up work, Claire also had her eyes checked – which is something she wanted to do for ages – but never seemed to find the time.  Their new glasses will be with us within a week - I have to go to the hospital and get mine done there because of this diabetes thing,  no matter.  will have to look into it soon.

My favourite bit of the book so far….

“one can never be to ccareful,” said the bearer of the truncheon. “The dead don’t always stay dead. Sometimes the turn into vampires, or zombies or booger me.”
“Put it away, you oaf” his capped superior told him.
”Booger men?” Said Ranger Connor.
The Constable sheathed his truncheon in the manner known as Huffy - Which is not to be confused with Buffy..! Who slays Vampires, zombies and probably booger men ,too!

hehehe :D

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