Tuesday, 28 July 2009




Chris said...

What is the model of your Olympus camera?

That's a gorgeous picture.

Simon Rudd said...

cheers - i dont actually own an olympus - this is a montage of 5 photos - have a look here http://rev-jesse-c.deviantart.com/art/Tepee-131196763

Chris said...

Hell, I thought it was some on-location picture!

Damn, I guess I don't need to compliment you on your photoshopping skills! Haha.

It kinda makes sense now: what photographer would be lucky enough to find buffalo next to a tepee near the mountains as a thunderstorm approaches? Haha.

Keep it up, dude. Lovin' it.

Simon Rudd said...

hahaha - well i wish could take a photo like that :) not a lot of tepees in Portsmouth :) not to mention mountains, although buffalo are ten a penny :D

cheers - glad you liked the pic - its nice to know some people actually look at my work :D