Sunday, 26 July 2009

Lost in Lost

Spent tonight watching the last 3 episodes of Lost series 4, I'm looking forward to series 6 - should be good :) i saw a trailer for it today - hugo talking about his chicken shack :) looks good.

didnt have time to do a picture today :( bugger! thinking about doing some drawings - i am going to watch "today's nude" again soon. My friend Heather gave me a good tip on drawing hands - draw the shape then the shading rather than the individual fingers. so going to try that :)

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fheathermoore said...

Yay! Tis me! I don't know if it's a good tip but it's a tip lol. Nah it's a handy thing when you get stuck with the buggers. No idea why they're so hard to draw though...they just are.

I spent most of last night watching True Blood! It's not bad. Then a movie - The Soloist. Wasn't bad either.